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Lawyer recover investment Q-Renta

Q-RENTA: Another scandal of a Securities Agency.

It is estimated that there are about 6,500 affected.

From BBS Abogados, an expert firm in financial product claims, we help you recover your Q-Renta investment.

The Q-RENTA Securities Agency is receiving more and more lawsuits and criminal complaints from its clients, who feel cheated by having lost most of their savings.
According to the economic magazine Crónica Business, “the managers failed in the information they provided and that they placed unsuitable products, due to the profile of those who had entrusted them with their Savings”.

Hiring a lawyer is key to recover investment Q-Renta

If you are affected by the purchase of shares in the Banco Popular capital increase and you take legal action, you have a very high chance of recovering the investment.

In our office we can analyze your case in a personalized way and carry out your defense in the judicial procedure.

Clients, who were not investors, were savers and sought to maximize the return on their deposits in a negative rate environment.
They point out that all their represented have a similar profile, they are people without outstanding knowledge of what investment companies are and that they put money in the hands of this Barcelona firm that in other circumstances would have gone to a fixed term.

Legal sources indicate that it would have acted based on a pyramidal system of investments. The capital withdrawn by some clients was systematically covered with the contributions of others to maintain the liquidity of the companies.

It is “surprising” and striking that the Investments were made in it. All this, to allocate funds to companies in the Alternative Stock Market (MAB).

Contact a lawyer to recover your investment in Q-Renta. At BBS Abogados we can help you recover your investment, consult one of our expert lawyers

q-renta abogados bbs