"Created in 1988 BBS Abogados Asociados Asesores Legales y Tributarios specializes in all the fields that make up the law of the company."

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Right of the Insured

  • Defense of the insured before the insurance company
  • Analysis and examination of insurance policies.
  • Complaints and lawsuits before the Courts against those who caused the damage and / or injuries.

Claim against Insurance Companies:

“We claim in case the claims are not accepted by the company.”

Our experience and professional trajectory has helped us to consolidate a negotiation policy prior to the judicial process, since on many occasions through correct out-of-court negotiation the intended compensation is reached.
In the event of not obtaining the expected result, said matter will be processed before the corresponding Court.

  • Claim in the event of a Traffic Accident.
  • Life Insurance Claim: request for payment of the amount determined by the policy in the event of death or disability.
  • Health Insurance and Health Assistance Claim: claims to the company for medical expenses in which the insured has been involved.
  • Home Insurance Claim: request for payment of damages due to fire, flood, theft, produced in the home as a result of incidents that come from neighbors or community of owners.
  • Automobile Insurance Claim.
  • Travel Insurance Claim.
  • Mortgage Insurance Claim.