"Created in 1988 BBS Abogados Asociados Asesores Legales y Tributarios specializes in all the fields that make up the law of the company."

abogado familia y sucesiones
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Lawyers Family and Successions

"Understanding that the family environment encompasses and interferes in many aspects, we want you to count on our support and personalized advice, as family and inheritance lawyers to guarantee a good resolution."

In our office you will find our entire disposition to assess your personal situation and offer you the different possibilities to find the one that best suits your interests.

In our office you can find the follow-up and processing of the following matters:

Separation, divorce and drafting of regulatory agreements
Alimony, compensatory benefits and financial compensation.
Changes of custody and family responsibility.
Marriage contract
Disabilities: guardianship, inventory and drafting of accounts, judicial authorization for the sale of assets, etc.
Family Mediation.

On the issue of inheritance, we have a specialized team to guarantee the most appropriate solutions, since it is essential to know the different laws and regulations that apply, depending on both the place of residence or death of the person, as well as the place where the deceased had goods.

how can we help you? We take care of advising you on the following:

Acceptance, resignation, participations of Hereditary rights.
Inheritance Processing (Will and Modifications) and Legal Proceedings
Preparation of the will, review of its validity, challenge it and even legal defense of the inheritance as well as the heirs in case of conflict
The claim of the legitimate
Processing and advice on inheritance taxes
Negotiation procedures between heirs
Obtaining the death certificate
Last wills and testament
The valuation of the assets to determine institutions such as the payment of legitimate or fourth widow
Adoptions and paternity claim.
Declaration of intestate, notarial and judicial heirs.
Follow-up in the payment of inheritance taxes.

In any of the support you need, our support and advice will always be personalized throughout the entire process, to guarantee success.