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What is the multi-currency mortgage?

It is a loan granted in several currencies, and that allows you to choose one of them. The most used have been the Yen Currency and the Swiss Franc.

Marketed by credit institutions as the best alternative to the high Euribor index at the time.

How does it work and what are the risks?

As it is a loan granted in foreign currency, it implies that the exchange rate, as well as the interest rate, must be taken into special consideration. Since they are variables that are difficult to control by a consumer and are also set unilaterally by the financial institution, there is no forecast of how much it may affect both the outstanding capital in euros and the monthly / quarterly installments, causing serious damage to the subscriber.

If I have a multi-currency mortgage, can I claim?

Of course. Directive 2014/17 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of February 4, 2014, on credit agreements concluded with consumers for real estate for residential use, has already warned of irresponsibility in the concession and contracting of this type of loans, due to the advantageous interest rate offered, without adequate information or understanding of the exchange rate risk involved. It is a loan granted in several currencies, and that allows you to choose one of them.

Are there judgments favorable to the consumer?

Effectively. In fact, on this type of loans, the Supreme Court has already ruled in Sentence No. 608/2017 of November 15, as well as the Court of Justice of the European Union, and both resolutions coincide in stating that they are complex loans , that the entity had to provide qualified prior information and that the loan clauses do not exceed the transparency control since reading them does not allow the economic and legal consequences of the clauses to be understood. It is a loan granted in several currencies, and that allows you to choose one of them.

What can we do to claim? What is recovered with the demand?

As expert lawyers in Multicurrency Mortgage and a reference office in this type of matter, you can contact us, and in this way we will organize a meeting in which we will indicate the documentation we need to prepare the claim.

We will also previously submit a claim letter to the bank, to try a prior agreement. With the lawsuit, we request the nullity of the multi-currency clauses, so we are able to convert the loan into euros, without assuming the risks of change in the outstanding capital, and consequently, we can also recover the amount that has been overpaid in installments .

Hundreds of favorable judgments were obtained, especially in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and the multi-currency loan clauses were declared null and void. Do not hesitate to consult with us without commitment.