"Created in 1988 BBS Abogados Asociados Asesores Legales y Tributarios specializes in all the fields that make up the law of the company."

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Trademark Patents and Unfair Competition

"In our office you will find a team specialized in Competition and Property Law, as we are firmly committed to specialization and that you always find an appropriate solution to your interests."

We provide comprehensive advice to national and foreign clients in everything related to their intangible assets, including trademarks, patents, know-how, designs, artistic, literary, scientific and audiovisual creations, image rights, protection of privacy and reputation, advertising and marketing.

On the subject of patents, and if you have developed a product or the process to obtain it, we recommend its protection, so it is important that we study and analyze the best protection that suits your project. This will be decisive to achieve success in your projects and have the exclusivity of your invention for 20 years from the date of application that we will present.

If you have created a design and do not want anyone to appropriate it (colors, texture, contour), its protection is also important to avoid any type of imitation and that could imply significant economic losses.

And, exactly it happens with the Trademarks, because we will help you to investigate the viability of your trademark, better solutions, preparation of all the documentation for the Trademark Registration and we will defend it so that there are no trademarks similar to yours.

Therefore, you can find our advice in the following areas:

Analysis of the problems related to unfair competition actions by competing companies.
Study of the different legal possibilities in the face of actions contrary to the rules of market discipline.
Registration of trademarks, patents and utility models and domain name on the internet.
Actions in defense of registered properties

Solve problems related to intellectual and industrial property rights and find the best possible solutions from our experts.