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Mortgage Advice

Buying a home or any type of property - for example, to carry out an economic activity - is one of the most important decisions in life and that, at the same time, is more illusion.

It is common in these cases are not available all the money to acquire the property and, therefore, you choose to take out a mortgage.

The mortgage loan contract, apart from implying a long-term relationship, is one of the most complex ones signed by individuals and companies. In addition, the wide offer of mortgages on the market makes choosing one a difficult and complex task.

"We negotiate with your bank to get the mortgage that best suits your financial situation"

For this reason, from BBS Abogados we offer you mortgage advice to get the mortgage that best suits your needs and with the best possible conditions.

We take care of accompanying you throughout the procedure, and in particular:

Search for the mortgage that best suits your financial situation and needs.
Negotiation with the bank to obtain the best possible conditions for our client.
Legal-economic analysis of the mortgage loan clause. We refer to cases in which the client already has a binding offer, but wants to make sure of what he signs and be more calm. In this way, we inform the client of the economic obligations that they would be assuming with that mortgage, or if, for example, the loan includes an abusive clause (floor clause, irph, illegal commissions, etc.)
Negotiation with the bank in novation, subrogation, dation in payment, debt reunification, etc.
Advice and negotiation with the bank in situations of non-payment of installments and foreclosures.

BBS Abogados is a law firm specialized in Banking Malpractice, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

At BBS Abogados we have more than 20 years of experience in Banking and Financial Law. We know what the usual banking abuses and bad practices are, so we detect them instantly. Therefore, if you are considering taking out a mortgage and want to receive specialized advice, do not hesitate to contact us to accompany you during this procedure.

You can fill out our web form, write to us at or call us at 93 760 53 77.