"Created in 1988 BBS Abogados Asociados Asesores Legales y Tributarios specializes in all the fields that make up the law of the company."

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Real estate management

Currently, having a specialized team that advises you on real estate management is the key to ensuring that property and real estate investments are appropriate to your interests. Due to our extensive experience in the financial sector, fully proven, you can receive personalized and comprehensive advice, as well as support for your investments. We are at your disposal to negotiate with the different operators all contracts related to the acquisition of goods (deposit, sale …).

Real Estate Law is a subject in constant change, since the jurisprudence issued by our courts (especially the Supreme Court) has been in charge of defining the criteria to be followed in the different legal aspects and problems arising in urban law. That is why we strongly advise our advice to be able to keep up to date with all these legal and jurisprudential developments.

Likewise, we must highlight, for years, a considerable increase in investments made by foreigners, which is why it is convenient to have a specialized office to advise you on the various laws and tax legal systems.

At BBS ABOGADOS, you will find advice covering the following professional actions:

Location of flats, premises or buildings, selecting the best investment that meets the client’s needs.
Economic study of investment costs-Tax study.
Legal advice. Contracts and legalizations.
More adequate financing study.
Lease contracts for housing and business premises. Eviction procedures.
Advice, drafting, negotiation and support in real estate purchase and sale operations, drafting of urban lease contracts.
Advice on urban planning matters, as well as technical direction of contentious-administrative procedures.
Legal procedures for claiming amounts.
Real estate procedures before the Property Registry.
Real estate and tax advice on real estate investments.
Tax treatment of real estate operations and investments.
Advice and direction of complaint procedures for construction defects and construction defects.
Real estate leasing and real estate contracts.
Advice on matters of purchase and sale of real estate complexes (hotels, promotion contracts, timeshare) at a national and international level.
Constitution and problems derived from Horizontal Property and Community of Owners.