Participaciones Preferentes y Deuda Subordinada

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Specialized lawyers Preferred Participations and Subordinated Debt

Preferred shares and subordinated debt or obligations are complex and risky products.

From BBS Abogados, an expert firm in financial product claims, we help you recover your investment in preferred shares and subordinated debt.

Financial entities placed the Preference Shares and Subordinated Debt with greater intensity during the financial crisis since they served to increase the equity of the Savings Banks and Banks at a time when they had no liquidity.

They offered them as risk-free products, and whose capital was guaranteed.

This is how many clients bought them thinking that their operation was similar to that of a fixed term. Being offered with more advantages, by offering a higher interest and without penalty if it was divested before the expiration date.

However, what the entities did not explain is that the subordinated obligations (with a very long maturity) and the preferred shares (without maturity) are listed on a secondary market with few liquidity guarantees.

Its profitability depends on the good performance of the entity, the entity does not guarantee the investment, and there is a risk of losing both the profitability and the capital invested.

In the cases of Catalunya Banc and Bankia, the risks of these products emerged when these entities stopped paying interest to their clients, and by law they were forced to transform preferred shares and subordinated debt into shares, with losses.

Clients who have gone to court to recover the money invested have succeeded in 98.9% of the cases.

“Some of the most relevant judgments in preferred shares and subordinated debt have been obtained by the BBS Law Firm”


• Declares the nullity of two contracts for the purchase of subordinated obligations, condemning Bankia S.A to return the amount invested of € 681,000.

Contact one of our lawyers specialized in preferred shares and subordinated debt to recover your investment. At BBS Abogados we can help you recover your investment, consult one of our expert lawyers