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Bankruptcy Law and Second Chance

We solve your doubts:

Who can use the law?
What is the first step to qualify for it?
What requirements must be met for the out-of-court settlement to be fruitful?
Is there a figure that helps in the negotiation?
What requirements must be met in the bankruptcy?
Does the entrepreneur get rid of all debts?
Will the entrepreneur / debtor appear on any ‘list of defaulters’?
Who will have access to this registry?
Debts disappear forever?
Can guarantors be free of charges?

At BBS Abogados, we have an area specialized in Bankruptcy and Second Chance Law: Second Chance Affected. This area is made up of lawyers specialized in the matter.

The Second Chance Law provides a mechanism available to all those who cannot face acquired debts, regardless of their origin: failed business project, consumer loans, credit cards, guarantees or a loan. mortgage. From the aforementioned Law, those affected will be able to see practically 100% of their debts “exonerated”.

Certain requirements must be met (trying to reach an out-of-court settlement, not hiding assets, not having been convicted of socio-economic crimes and very punctual debt payments). But once the procedure has started, the client will see that in about a year they will obtain the requested exemption.

As we can see, the “Second Chance Law” is configured as a new way for all those who wish to undertake a new business adventure or simply extinguish their debts.

From BBS Abogados, we advise and accompany you throughout the procedure, so that you have the security and tranquility of being in the best possible hands. Do not hesitate to contact us by filling in the following form, by writing to bbsabogados@bbsabogados.com or by calling 93 760 53 77 | 619 255 875.