"Created in 1988 BBS Abogados Asociados Asesores Legales y Tributarios specializes in all the fields that make up the law of the company."

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BBS Abogados, Experts in Banking and Financial Law.

BBS Abogados, Experts in Banking and Financial Law.

BBS Abogados is a multidisciplinary firm with more than 20 years of experience.

We currently have a team specialized in Banking Malpractice, headed by the founding lawyer of BBS Abogados, Arcadi Sala-Planell Esqué, with more than 20 years of experience in the legal field, together with other lawyers specialized in Banking Law and Financier: Anna Valls, Aina Ansó, Marta Aznar and Helena Socias.

Said department is exclusively dedicated to resolving various contracts such as: so-called interest rate swaps or financial swaps, preferred shares, subordinated obligations, structured deposits, real estate investment funds, convertible bonds, multi-currency mortgages, abusive clauses, such as so-called “Floor Clauses”, as well as any other financial product that financial institutions have maliciously marketed in recent years. In breach of the legislation that specifically regulates the commercialization of this type of products.

So far we have extensive experience in filing lawsuits before practically all financial entities, banks and savings banks that, violating Spanish and European legislation for this purpose, massively commercialized financial products both to private or retail clients, as well as to SMEs, as well as to large companies, without offering them the information established in the Securities Market Law, and its implementing regulations, which are mandatory in this type of case.

At BBS Abogados we offer the possibility to all those affected by this type of product to advise and inform the affected client, and in any case to address the filing of the corresponding legal claim.

Banking and Financial Law